About Us


Solidly established for a number of years, Le Domaine Mont-Orford covers an area of 350 acres. To date, one hundred and sixty (160) owners have invested tens of millions of dollars in the project. The Domaine currently includes 115 residences, sixty of which are inhabited year-round. And yet, you always have the impression that you are alone. Our smallest lots are approximately one acre. Lots in the newer sections are 1-1/2 to 2 acres.

Construction and lot area standards were set from the very start of the project to ensure top quality for its residents. Rules were established regarding aesthetics, environmental quality and tranquility of the residents. These pertain among others to tree cutting, home size and cladding.


At Le Domaine Mont-Orford, you’re sure to find peace and tranquility. All of our lots are at least 40,000 square feet, with no close neighbours. You’ll hear the birds chirping; breathe pure forest air and cultivate your flowers very simply since you are at the heart of a truly unique natural environment.

All urban amenities are within easy reach as Le Domaine is located only 7 minutes from Magog, 20 minutes from Sherbrooke and less than an hour from Montreal.