A way of communing with nature 
“My wife and I wanted to live in the Eastern Townships to take full advantage of our retirement years. We were looking for a pleasant, natural environment that was both touristy and developed, offering the facilities and services we were looking for: means of communications, a highway, good restaurants, shopping, outdoor sports facilities, nature. Because of its proximity to Magog and Eastman, Domaine Mont-Orford offers a haven of tranquillity, security, a way of living in harmony with nature and a great way of enjoying our favourite outdoor sports.” 

Carmen Bélanger and Normand Poliquin, Domaine Mont-Orford residents


Quality criteria applicable to the homes
“Easy access from Montreal; a beautiful lake gently set amidst a forest of giant trees on a gently rolling terrain, with mount Orford and mount Chagnon as a backdrop. An option, on the part of management and residents, favouring tranquillity and respect for the environment, prohibiting noisy motorized vehicles within Domaine Mont-Orford in any season and a protected lake. Quality criteria applicable to the residences and permanent installations ensuring the protection of investment values. Lot sizes that guarantee privacy without isolation.” 

Louise and Claude Richard, Domaine Mont-Orford residents


Love at first sight
“We purchased our Domaine Mont-Orford lot for its natural beauty. We discovered the site during our honeymoon in the Eastern Townships and it was love at first sight: nature, the hills, trees, the air and the tranquillity. It’s a family setting with a beautiful lake.”

Nicole Comtois and Ansème Grégoire, Domaine Mont-Orford residents


I was impressed by the lake and the beach
“When I first visited the Domaine, I was impressed by the lake and the beach. I had visited many such estates but I chose Domaine Mont-Orford. The lake is what did it for me, but I was also impressed by the size of the lots and the Domaine’s hilly topography. Taxes are 2-1/2 times less costly because the Domaine is part of Austin.”

Claude Brien, Domaine Mont-Orford resident


It’s like being on permanent vacation
“Living at Domaine Mont-Orford is like being on permanent vacation, most likely because of its enchanting decor and tranquillity. For us, the lake is the Domaine’s major asset. No motors, only the sound of children playing in the water. At Domaine Mont-Orford, time seems to stop because there is absolutely no noise. When our friends come to visit, they are amazed by the calm and the absence of the hustle and bustle of the city. But here we have our own noises, birdsong concerts every day!

Domaine Mont-Orford is large and well spaced-out, as are the lots. The forest is beautiful, especially in the fall. There are different marvels of nature to be discovered at every season. Living here, I always feel in holiday mode. “

Guy Boismenu, Domaine Mont-Orford resident


Another vision of life
“Living in a condo and having a very active life, we needed a place in the country, with a lake, that was easily accessible and not too far away from home and work. Domaine Mont-Orford has brought calm into our lives and another vision of life.”

Mrs. Gendron and Mr. Whalen, Domaine Mont-Orford residents


A haven of peace and tranquillity
“Domaine Mont-Orford is a haven of peace only a few kilometres from the city. We appreciate the tranquillity and its wooded environment allows us to discover a new landscape with every season.”

Lise and Serge Grondines, Domaine Mont-Orford residents